Have a 10 minute conversation.
Round 1 (~10 minutes)

One of you supports the Democratic Party, and the other supports the Republican Party. Conversation Prompt: If you feel closer to the Democratic party, what do you like about the Democratic party? If you feel closer to the Republican party, what do you like about the Republican party?

  • Wait for up to 5 minutes for your partner to arrive. If no one shows up after 5 minutes, return to the survey.
  • Once your partner arrives, please talk about the prompt (above) for 10 minutes. (Do not talk for more than 30 minutes.)
  • This is the only conversation round. 
  • Once your conversation is over, please return and finish the survey to get paid.
  • If you accidentally closed your survey window, please click on the link originally provided and you should be able to access the survey from where you left off.